Mayo Clinic


Dr. Joshua Wiedermann is a pediatric otolaryngology faculty at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA. His areas of interest include the global burden of disease, global surgical training, global surgical outcomes, educational sustainability, rare pediatric head and neck diseases, and aerodigestive diseases in pediatric patients.

One of his most note-worthy achievements occurred following his fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology, when he moved to Ethiopia and was part of a team that created an academic, self-sustainable otolaryngology residency program. Dr. Wiedermann is collaborating with a multidisciplinary surgical innovation team to advance the surgical technique of endoscopic and open airway surgery for diseases that result in airway narrowing in pediatric patients. This approach focuses on individualized 3D-printed technology to augment surgical techniques. Dr. Wiedermann aims to create a worldwide collaboration of international organizations to help pair local developing hospitals with unmet needs to global surgical missions from all over the world.