Lund University


Måns Magnusson attended the medical school of the Lund University in Lund Sweden and in otorhinolaryngology. He presented his PhD thesis in 1986, which was awarded the prize for the best thesis of the medical faculty of the year. In 1987 he became approved specialist. In 1988 he was made associate professor. In 1992 he became consultant and in 1996 senior consultant in ENT. In 1997 he was promoted to a side chair professorship of Otolaryngology and in 1999 to full professor. Since 1999 he is chairman of the division of ORL at the Lund University and University hospital in Sweden.

His main interests are otoneurology and otology, and teaching in ORL. He has introduced or been developing low dose gentamicin treatment, oval window approach gentamicin, PREHAB in vestibular schwannoma treatment. He has studied dynamics of postural control and cervical contribution to balance and treatments of Meniere’s disease and vestibulopathy. He engages in dizzy patients as well as otosurgery and otoneurosurgery.

Since 2005 he is also deputy director of the department of clinical sciences (comprising all clinical departments at the University Hospital of Lund), Lund University, Lund, and within this, director of neuroscience, senses and psychiatry. He is chairman of the recruiting board of the medical faculty of Lund University.

He is Chairman of standing committee on balance and Equilibrium of IFOS (International federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies, Member expert committee for therapeutic guidelines in otoneurology EAONO European academy of Otolgy Neurootology. Board member (secretary) of the Barany Societ; Board member/subcommittee chairman: International Committee for Classification of Vestibular Diseases. He is secretary of the Barany Society, member of International Society of Posture and gait research, European Academy of Neurootology and Otology, Swedish Medical Association and CORLAS.

He has been main tutor to 17 graduated PhD thesis. Two of these (Karlberg -95, Tjernström -09) was also rewarded the ‘Anna-Greta Crafoord prize for best medical thesis of the year at the medical faculty.

He has published more than 250 papers in reviewed medical and science journals, with more than 7100 citations.

He has received the Anna-Greta Crafoord price for the best medical thesis (1987), The Carl-Axel Hamberger Prize (1993) and the Bronze medal of the Swedish medical association (1993), the Frenzel-Sakata Prize (1998), and the ‘Mångberg prize in Neuroscience and otolaryngology 2004 (Umeå), The Bronze medal of Helsinki University 2009. Japanese Balance Society 2014.

He is a reviewer of several scientific journals and a member of the editorial committee in J Vest research, Acta Otorhinolaryngologica. Frontiers of neuroscience, European Archives of ORL.