Professor, Dr.

Bayindir Hospital | Ankara University


MD : 2 August 1978
ENT Specialty: 9 June 1982
Assoc. Prof.: 12 October 1988
Professor 27 January 2003

Specialty and scope of practice:
Otologic and neurology surgery,

International and National Offices
Past President, Board of Directors, Politzer Society (www.politzersociety.org)
Past President, The European Academy of Otology and Neurotology (www.eaono.org)
Chairman, Working group of Meetings and Scientific Activities, European Academy of Otology and Neurotology (www.eaono.org)
Chairman, Working group on Guidelines on Cholesteatoma, EAONO (www.eaono.org)
President, International Vertigo Society (www.vestibuler.org)
Past President, Executive Committee, Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology (www.mediotol.org)
Founder Member, Turkish ORL Foundation (www.tkbbv.org)
Vise chair – IFOS Standing Committee on Otology and Neurotology
Member – COPE: Commission on Publication Ethics
Corresponding member – German Otolaryngology Society
Guest Professor – Perugia University, Medical School

Editor’s Position
Editor in Chief – The Journal of International Advanced Otology (Pubmed, Medline, SCI) (www.advancedotology.org)

Awards Received
“Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair” Award for Services to the Deaf. 2011 Dubai. (The award honors programmes and physicians who contributed the most to helping the deaf community in the Middle East)
“Friends Forever� Award. World Hearing Center, 2011 – Warsaw
Honorary Member – Indian ORL Academy

Chairman Position – International Scientific Meetings:
21. Politzer Society Meeting – 1998
MSOA Regional Meeting (Turkey – Greece) – 2002
8. Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery Meeting – 2008
10. Mediterranean Society Meeting -2008
29. Politzer Society Meeting – 2013
8. European Academy of Otology and Neurotology Meeting – 2017
Vertigo Academy International 1 – 2013 (Antalya)
Vertigo Academy International 2 – 2015 (Moscow)
Vertigo Academy International 3 – 2017 (Mumbai)
Vertigo Academy International 4 – 2019 (Misnk)

International Meetings invited as speaker:

255 Lectures, courses, panel presentations


43 Papers published in journals indexed by SCI, PubMed and other indexes:

Text Book Editing (International):
Surgery of the Ear – Current Topics. 2009, Rekmay Publishiing, Ankara. ISBN: 978-9944-62-827-3.